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What would be an appropriate gift to bring the human bride for a maryaj ceremonie?

Vodou websites

Do any of you know of any good, informative, large websites that deal with Vodou. Or even some good, active Vodou forums independent from Yahoo Groups or of the like. It is very difficult for me to network with Vodousiants as either they are underground or don't exist here in Grand Rapids.

I appreciate any help from anyone.

Jul. 13th, 2009

I'm getting some conflicting information regarding the feast days of Mama Danto. Some places says July 16, other August 15. Can anyone provide this?


Hello all.

I am new to this and wish to pick your brains.

What is the main difference between hoodoo and voodoo? if any

Is Voudou just another way of spelling voodoo?

Haiti being the main place as the roots of voodoo but what about southern/Louisiana/New Orleans voodoo? Is this just another branch of Voodoo.

Sorry if it sounds like I am really clueless but I find the internet has so much information it is rather confusing.

Thanks in advance

I need advise please...

I need to confess something and ask for advice.

I will start out by saying I am nothing but a novice when it comes to things like this.

I was in a very abusive relationship around 3 years ago, the person I was with was very domineering and physically abusive. After the relationship ended, I decided to make a voodoo doll of my ex. I did some research and I constructed what I believe to be a highly suitable doll, considering what I included inside it, which I won't go into detail about.

But, eventually I burned the doll and Only asked the pain he caused other people to reflect back upon him (I am not the only person he has been abusive to), and after all was said and done I just went on with my life.

Then things started to happen to him, for example his father died, his house burned down and when I saw him recently, he had a broke leg, had gained a massive amount of weight and was pretty much bald. I will state, before I made the doll his life was "seemingly perfect" and everything just snowballed after what I did.

Now, what bothers me is the fact his father died, and it wasn't a kind death. I sometimes think in the back of my head that I caused that, and I regret what I did. But then another part of me thinks I am just being silly. I would never ask for something like that and it was never in my intentions.

I do believe I have already paid for what I asked for, karma wise...because of things like a flat tire, an automobile accident and something else pretty personal that I don't wish to share.

But can someone just...give me some advise other than "don't do it again"...do you think I contributed to this in any way or am I just over analyzing things?


Hey Everybody,

I was hoping to find a place to ask a few questions.  So I'll start with:

What would happen if you started feeding an ancestor which you believe has already been reborn?

Thank you to the Loa

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to our patron loa:

"Thank you Mamma Ezuli Dantos for keeping the house safe."

In this big ice storm that hit NW Arkansas this week we only lost power for about 2.5 hours on Tuesday night, when there are those STILL that do not have power. Talking to everyone in the deli (where I work) that came in yesterday, it seems that I am the only one in the deli that did have power(still). Also though I could hear trees coming down by the river, the tress up at firefly proper are still standing. Also thank you Gran Boa for keeping the trees healthy.

Voodoo or negative spirits?

Loong long ago, when my mother was a child in Africa, her uncle was "bewitched" as you may call it. An Evil spell was cast on him by his wife's ex husband.
My mother claims she saw sharp objects fly at him, when he was in his room late at night. Objects would phyiscally be lifed into the air out of nothing. He would also have cuts on his amrs and legs, as if someone slashed him with an invisable razor. I take my mom and her sister's word that they realyl did see this, and they were tld that an evil spell was put on their uncle.

Now I want to know HOW?!

How is it possible to raise this much power?
I know a spell isn't necessarily good or bad, it takes form from who ever casts it. They (the caster) project the power into the spell.

Soo how on earth did this person ( a witch docter, maybe?) cast a spell THIS powerfull. To actaully physically HARM.

Please understand, I do not intend to do or preform magic like this myself, this is purely out of coriousity. I have no knowledge of African Witchcraft, which is obviosuly very different from European magic. Can anyone shed some light?

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Hello all,

my friend has a birthday coming up and he has been talking about getting into voodoo. I want to suprise him and get a really good book for  beginners, with lots of great, easy info for him to read about.

What would you suggest would be good for starters? Is there a particular writer to avoid or look for?

song for Ezuli Dantos

Ooo Mamma
this is your baby say'n-mamma
this is your baby pray'n-mamma
this is your baby cry'n-oo
o mamma O MAMMA ooo mamma


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